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Le développement communautaire de l'Interbox est initialement placé sous la tyrannie de JFC Morfin. Les différentes équipes pouvant travailler sur l'Interbox et ses slots on ici une page communautaire pour les aider dans le travail. Discussion pratique sur la liste de diffusion générale.


The MaraDNS logic is planned to be canibalized as a working framework to host the Netix parser and the Dispatcher and to build the ML-DNS and the MDRS. world@wide is one the MaraDNS sponsors and provides the sites and domain names of the different InterPlus related efforts.


MLNAMES is a new private and self-survival venture created by JFC Morfin to insure professionnal DNS operations, support and consulting to the various Interbox based or related projects. Its proposition is commercial to businesses and non-commercial to non-profits and research projects.

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